Building a Platform-as-a-Service from the ground up.

What is Bagelhost?

Bagelhost is a Wordpress Performance Optimization and Hosting service, which guarantees results.

How Bagelhost came to be.

One of my projects was consulting startup Wedabo (now defunct) which was an online apparel store built with WooCommerce. Wedabo didn't have the technical competency to manage a web development project, and were beguiled into paying for a website that took 30 seconds to load on average.

It shouldn't be that hard to find a decent website host, and to be educated sufficiently about what you're paying for— which is what Bagelhost's service is all about.

Current work-in-progress.

The service currently exists as a WordPress site that manages subscriptions, manually provisioned servers, and several scripts for server management and monitoring. In order to scale, Bagelhost is being rebuilt into an integrated set of microservices to manage all of the above.

Some of the technologies we're utilizing are Flask, SaltStack, and Docker.