Building a Platform-as-a-Service from the ground up.

What is Bagelhost?

Bagelhost is a Wordpress Performance Optimization and Hosting service, which guarantees results.

How Bagelhost came to be.

One of my projects was consulting startup Wedabo (now defunct) which was an online apparel store built with WooCommerce. Suffice to say, the vendors who built and hosted the website did an extremely poor job, especially considering the amount they were paid, and time they were given. The website took over 30 seconds to load, which I then managed to cut down to 5 seconds.

To say the least, I was appalled by the amount of misdirection and dishonesty in the web hosting industry. Which led me to create a no-nonsense service that's focused on measurable results, instead of a good-looking technical specification sheet and empty promises (a.k.a. lip service).

Current work-in-progress.

The service currently exists as a WordPress site that manages subscriptions, manually provisioned servers, and several scripts for server management and monitoring. In order to scale, Bagelhost is being rebuilt into an integrated set of microservices to manage all of the above.

Some of the technologies we're utilizing are Flask, SaltStack, and Docker.

Some of our existing Bagelhost clients are: